Nick Brookes

Nick Brookes


Telephone: (08) 9193 5915

Nick is plagued with the unusual mental disposition of enjoying court appearances. His ears prick up every time he hears any combination of “trial”, “hearing”, “urgent”, and “tomorrow”, and this enthusiasm has not diminished after years of appearances.

Unless you are a masochist or want to lose the next hour of your life, avoid mentioning “the gym”, “Jordan Peterson” or “the Joe Rogan podcast” in Nick’s presence. You have been warned.

Date of admission:

Admitted to practise in the Supreme Court of Western Australia on 1 February 2016


Bachelor of Laws

Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice


Legal Aid Panel (Serious Indictable, Sex offences (adult and youth), Magistrates and Other Indictable, Children’s Court, Restraining Orders)

Law Society of Western Australia

Criminal Lawyers Association of WA

Select Experience:

Criminal trials and pleas in mitigation in the Magistrates and District Courts ranging from assault occasioning bodily harm to historical sexual assault allegations.

Regularly appearing in restraining order trials for both person’s protected and person’s bound.

Appearing on bail applications in the Magistrates and Supreme Courts.

Practice Areas:

Criminal law, restraining orders, traffic offences.